Field Markup Tool for Contractors

The Client

Founded in 2000, Rabren General Contractors operates as one of the most reputable general contractors in the state of Alabama. In its 22 years of operation, Rabren has completed 330 projects in market segments including K-12 and higher education, multifamily and student living, hospitality, sports & recreation, office, healthcare and more.

The Challenge

Rabren needed a simpler and more intuitive way to allow notes and files to be added to plans for viewing in the field. What users really decided they wanted was to create a plan markup tool that would integrate tightly with Rabren’s project management system. The goal was for Rabren engineers to be able to mark up plans and link to other relevant documents (photo galleries, RFIs, other floor plans, etc.) to allow those in the field to see notes and see relevant documentation for their specific jobs, or to add notes/photos/etc. themselves. Rabren also needed the system to be able to filter these roles so that a specific contractor (e.g. a plumber) could filter down the mark-ups and see only those items that applied directly to his/her tasks.

The Solution

By collaborating with Gearbox, Rabren has been able to develop a mark-up tool using the new JavaScript features of FileMaker 19 along with FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go, and WebDirect. This platform includes the ability to add various shapes, text, and attachments, as well as use a pen tool for custom markings and a measuring tool which allows for both linear measurement and area measurement of polygons. Links can be created which allow the viewing of various attachments including additional documentation, photos, and useful internal items. Roles for each contractor (e.g. plumber, mason, landscaping, etc.) were also created which feature default colors for each role that can be filtered so each specific contractor only has to view markups relevant to the work that team is completing.

Additionally, upon completion, this tool will be able to be packaged as a SaaS product that Rabren can market for use by other entities within the general contracting industry.

The Results

The relationship between Rabren and Gearbox has allowed for Rabren to create a user-friendly platform that simplifies the complex work typical of the general contracting space—from allowing contractors to view additional documentation quickly and add their own notes, to allowing project managers and superintendents to easily keep track of progress. Furthermore, this platform can be packaged and marketed for use by other general contracting groups - serving as an additional revenue stream for Rabren.

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