We are Gearbox in Atlanta

We are FileMaker experts who create bespoke project management software to help teams be more efficient with their workflow, tasks, and communication.

The Workplace Innovation Platform

Whether you're looking for a mission-critical desktop solution, a mobile app for your sales team, or a web-based portal to share information with your customers, we've been building solutions with Claris for years and have a deep understanding of integration with other systems.

About Gearbox


Gearbox is a 5-star member of the Apple Consultants Network. We are certified to help do things like deploy iPads across your business. We're already doing this for our clients.


5-Star Developer

“Gearbox Solutions is excellent to work with. Their level of expertise on all things technology are top notch. They have been building a custom software solution for our construction business over the last 2 years. I would highly recommend to anyone in need of software maintenance, improvements, or a complete overhaul. They are extremely easy to work with and work very hard at making sure you are happy with the outcome.”

—Thomann Asphalt, Buffalo NY


Gearbox Is The Best!

“Gearbox has been the best thing that has happened to my 27-yr—old business. I have known Marty, one of the owners of Gearbox, for over 12 years, and I have to honestly say that because of Gearbox and what Marty did, my business started snowballing. I am very grateful to everyone at Gearbox (Megan, Sanjiv, and many more) that have partnered with AGC over the years. They know all details surrounding my company, and I can always rely on Marty’s judgment and advice. His visionary approach to enhancing and updating our IT needs only matches my desire to stay ahead of the market and be the best in serving our customers. In short, Gearbox changed my ordinary company to one that is efficient and very successful.”

—AGC, Atlanta GA

We Know FileMaker

We've been developing solutions built on the  FileMaker platform for nearly 20 years and we bring that depth of experience to each and every project. We create great solutions for the desktop, iOS, or web-based apps.


We Know The Web

You're viewing this in a browser. Gearbox likes all things web.  We develop web-based tools for the enterprise, we create agile web-applications that integrate with many types of back-end systems, and we do this with a focus on design and user experience.

Favorite Word: Discovery

We love to solve problems, but it's easier when we have a solid understanding of your existing processes, etc. That is why we always like to start with a discovery. We bring our expertise, then we listen and learn. Discovery leads to requirements, design, development, and ultimately, successful projects. There is real value in that success.

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Gearbox and FileMaker

50% of our work is developed on the FileMaker platform. We build elegant, efficient solutions that work on a small shop or a group within a Fortune 100 company.

We have certified developers and seasoned software architects, along with a dedicated project manager for each project we accept.

Examples of Our Work

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The Gearbox Team

We are a team of [mostly] ordinary people doing extraordinary things for our clients.

Marty Thomasson

President and CEO

Michael Layne

CTO (Architect, UI/UX, Devil's Advocate)

Megan Young

Director of Client Relations (GTD Expert)

Dre Forbes

IT Wizard (Support, Procurement, Stability, Certified 14-16)

Sanjiv Rai

IT Wizard (AHT, macOS, iOS certified, Builder of Servers)

Kevin Hammond

Senior Developer (FileMaker, iOS)

Contact Gearbox

Feel free to email us to provide some feedback on our templates, give us suggestions for new templates and themes, or to just say hello!

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