Unlocking the Future of Paving: Gearbox at NPE 2024

By Gearbox Solutions | 2/5/2024

Unlocking the Future of Paving: Gearbox at NPE 2024

Connecting with others at live events is the best part of business development - something we've all missed in the past few years. In late January, Emma, our sales and marketing coordinator, and I had an incredible time at the National Pavement Expo (NPE) in Tampa. I'm eager to share the highlights and insights we gained at the premier pavement event in the country!

Navigating the World of Asphalt Modifiers

Tanya Nash, a member of Women of Asphalt and the Director of Engineering at Asphalt Testing Solutions & Engineering, led an enlightening session on the latest findings in asphalt mix design. She did a great job breaking down the benefits, types, and categories of asphalt mixers, including chemical modifiers, rejuvenators, recycled options, and polymers. In simple terms, asphalt modifiers are secret ingredients that make asphalt more durable. Tanya demonstrated that choosing the right modifier is a game-changer, allowing mixes to meet performance specifications while improving sustainability. We left with a newfound understanding of the ingredients that make our roads strong, plus ideas for how custom tech solutions could help contractors stay up-to-date on what modifiers are available and how each option works.

Scaling Up: The Paving Power Move

John Kenney from Cotney Consulting Group gave us the lowdown on building up in his “Scaling Your Operations for Economic Conditions” talk. The focus on differences in economic conditions was constructive. Scaling up isn't just about growing bigger; it's about growing smarter. This session highlighted the need for a comprehensive business growth approach, emphasizing how tailored software solutions could assess and improve these aspects. John talked about the need to understand issues like your current operations, process efficiency, resource utilization, customer satisfaction, quality control, and more — all of which can be assessed and improved through custom software!

Software: A Game-Changer for Growth

At Gearbox, we know that custom software can be like a magic wand for your business. Ari Beemer of ONECREW, Matt Slawson of Paradise Asphalt Maintenance, and Paul Garner of Pave America were preaching to the choir with us when they took the stage to stress the importance of finding the right time to invest in software for your business through their “Driving Growth with Software” talk. Software is the power player in your business story, from estimating to scheduling and everything in between. Contractors don’t need to be tech experts—they need to work with tech experts who can supercharge their processes through thoughtful software solutions.

Exploring the Cutting Edge on the Conference Floor

Emma and I engaged with industry leaders on the exhibition floor, connected with asphalt and paving companies, and witnessed the industry's evolution. Conversations with Dejah Anderson Douglas of Anderson Striping and Construction, Edward Howard of Ben's Asphalt, and Gary Cutaia and Michael Tandoi of Tandoi Asphalt and Sealcoating provided diverse perspectives on operational intricacies and industry challenges. Our visit to the Women of Asphalt booth underscored the industry's commitment to diversity, and we eagerly registered for Women of Asphalt Day

The expo floor showcased cutting-edge machinery, emphasizing the industry's dedication to technological progress. Engaging with exhibitors gave us insights into challenges and advancements, enriching Gearbox's understanding of the asphalt and paving landscape.

What We Learned: Tech, Sustainability, and You

So, what are the big takeaways? 

First off, something we already knew: the right tech can help companies do more, grow faster, and be more productive, efficient, and sustainable. On that point, sustainability is not just a buzzword; it's both a challenge and an opportunity. It was amazing to see everyone strategizing on how to pave the way forward with an eye to a greener future.

Conclusion: Paving Tomorrow, Today

At Gearbox, we're not about tech jargon; we're about making sense of it for you. NPE 2024 was a hub of ideas, solutions, and a glimpse into the future of paving. Whether you're a Gearbox customer, a new friend from NPE, or someone exploring custom software solutions, the road ahead looks exciting, and we can’t wait to pave it together.

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