Atlanta Build Expo 2023: Connections and Insights

By Gearbox Solutions | 9/8/2023

Atlanta Build Expo 2023: Connections and Insights

We started our day at the 2023 Atlanta Build Expo with the keynote from Tom Woodcock of Seal the Deal. His insightful “Beating the Low Bid Process” talk stressed that while buying habits change as generations shift, relationships, face-to-face time, and handshakes still matter.
We know from experience that streamlining bid submissions improves our clients' ability to win jobs. It’s been such a pain point for our customers that we wrote a post about it a few months ago. The attendees at Tom’s talk know it, too: more efficient bids lead to more business. 

Even though construction is a vast market, the smaller feel of this conference let us really connect. Just like Tom said, taking the time to build new relationships and check in with old friends truly makes all the difference. Out on the floor, we connected with some new faces, including TOI TOI USA, Boutte Tree, Rendr, and the Georgia Hispanic Construction Association. We also caught up with Flock Safety and Synthetic Turf International, who were exhibiting.

We had an amazing time reconnecting with industry leaders and getting to know new ones. The insights we gained will stay with us as we continue growing and innovating. We look forward to what next year's Atlanta Build Expo has in store.

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