Improving Sustainability in Logistics with Masterpiece

By Gearbox Solutions | 10/18/2023

Improving Sustainability in Logistics with Masterpiece

At Gearbox, we're dedicated to leveraging technology to help our clients innovate. That's why we were thrilled when our long-time partner Masterpiece International, came to us with a new sustainability initiative—providing real-time emissions data to enable eco-friendly art logistics.

As a leader in shipping priceless artifacts worldwide, Masterpiece wanted to reduce its environmental impact. By integrating custom software with emissions calculators, we’re working to empower Masterpiece’s quest to quantify and manage the carbon footprint of every shipment.

Measuring Carbon Footprint for Greener Decisions

Our platform will seamlessly integrate with third-party emissions data tools. By inputting shipment details, Masterpiece will gain granular insight into CO2 output. This data will enable their clients to actively minimize their carbon footprint by choosing lower-emission transport options. Soon, we'll build this data into the bidding and estimating workflow, allowing Masterpiece’s clients to select greener shipping alternatives for their projects. As demand and attention grow with regard to carbon-neutral options, this capability will give Masterpiece a key competitive advantage, keeping them at the cutting edge of their industry.

Driving Sustainability Across Industries

While Masterpiece ships fine art, carbon emissions data has broad applications. Brands in any industry can use the methodology we’re developing to track and report on supply chain footprints. For example, construction companies will be able to analyze the environmental impact of material deliveries and transport to meet sustainability goals. Retailers and manufacturers will be able to track supply chain footprints to satisfy eco-conscious customers. Technology will empower all companies to balance environmental impact with business priorities.

We're proud to support Masterpiece in pioneering eco-friendly practices in art logistics. As concerns about environmental sustainability grow globally, leveraging emissions data will only become more crucial. Gearbox enables businesses to integrate green considerations into operations through flexible, customized technology. 

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