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Productivity Tracking

How do you know your data is accurate? How important is it when your clients need the most current, most accurate, and most complete information about their leads, prospects, contacts, brands, or ad agencies?

One of our clients had that need. They needed to confirm a significant chunk of their data (3+ million records) on a monthly basis every month. In years past, they spend days preparing large notebooks with thousands of printed documents to use to confirm and verify the information.

We created a solution that not only manages the updated and improved profiles but also tracks the productivity of the folks that do the work. Management can assign any given group of companies from a number of segments and track nearly twenty data points for each confirmation and track progress throughout the day. An automated script calculates all progress and provides real-time reporting to management.

We've slashed countless hours from our old process and now we know key information immediately instead of waiting a month for the data to be keyed in.
Client - 8 year relationship
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