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Gearbox Solutions has been in business for more than 20 years serving clients in the US and abroad. Our team of designers, developers and process consultants work with teams to remove workflow obstacles and deploy technology that makes their process smarter, not harder. We build best-in-class mobile and web applications, with all of our work being done in-house. Our team has an average tenure of 4+ years and we never outsource our development to 3rd party contractors. This means that our clients can expect a consistent white-glove experience working with Gearbox as a trusted advisor for years to come.

Many of our client relationships span 10+ years because we believe that accessibility to our team is at the core of a trusted partnership. We have specific domain expertise building custom solutions for the construction industry that are easy to manage and scale according to evolving customer needs. We walk alongside our clients to uncover their pain points and identify what the next steps should look like to achieve their business goals. Our clients value creativity, flexibility, and results.

Benefits of Building

  • At the end of this project, you will fully own your new solution.
  • It will be built specifically for your needs while considering that you may want to scale and build on it in the future.
  • We can integrate with other software tools you already use in your day-to-day operations.

Ballparking your Priorities

  • Membership Management
  • Event Registration
  • Invoicing
  • Training Management

After reviewing your list of top priorities, going over our notes from a 45 minute phone call, and making some very high level assumptions, our rough ballpark estimate is that the modules listed above would cost around $300,000.00 over the course of 2 years - $150K for 2024 and $150K for 2025. We always hesitate to provide numbers upfront for such a large list, as organizations needs vary greatly and there are so many unknowns until you go through discovery. We want to be explicit that this is in no way an official estimate. Per our conversation, building custom software is not the least expensive option and there are no limits to what you can build. We discussed the next steps being a 40 hour discovery engagement, based on our hourly rate of $210/hr, so $8,400.00. Due to the endless possibilities it will be essential that GUCA identifies a primary product owner who will ultimately determine which features are essential to the MVP (minimum viable product) and which features should be included in a future phase. As we described above, there are many benefits to building custom software that you will ultimately own and be able to fully utilize. As the organization's needs evolve this solution will allow you to pivot and scale.

A custom solution sounds like an ideal fit for GUCA after listening to your concerns about Wild Apricot and hearing your goals. We would welcome the opportunity to support your organization as a trusted long-term partner and become a proud member of GUCA. Our commitment to transparency with our clients is one of our top values and we will always advise you of your options and guide you down the path that maximizes value for your association. I am a long-time believer in trusting my gut which is why I (Megan) asked what your gut feeling was. It's never worth settling when you feel uneasy and are making a big decision. I also want to reiterate that we do projects in phases and each phase informs the next. We will move at whatever pace you are comfortable with and make sure you are aware of the budget, scope changes, and timeline adjustments throughout the duration of our project. After discovery we will have defined requirements, wireframes (similar to the document we showed) that visually depicts an easy to understand logical workflow, and an updated, more accurate price.

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Notable Projects

Here are some reference projects of varying types which we believe you may be interested in. These solutions have helped businesses like yours overcome process challenges and achieve increased productivity.

Thomann Asphalt is one of the largest asphalt paving contractors in the Northeast.

Aggregate is an end-to-end project and financial management solution that seamlessly manages critical data throughout the entire project lifecycle, from the initiation of a new client relationship and project inception to field operations. It incorporates sophisticated estimating algorithms and templates. This robust system empowers users to monitor time, field logs, and images, providing real-time reporting, efficient crew management, and minute-by-minute insights into ongoing work. The software also ensures the seamless progression of essential data to the approval and invoicing stages.

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Why it's Great
  • End-to-end business project and financial management
  • Mobile access for field data collection
  • Tight QuickBooks integration

Founded in 2000, Rabren General Contractors operates as one of the most reputable general contractors in the state of Alabama. In its 22 years of operation, Rabren has completed 330 projects in market segments including K-12 and higher education, multifamily and student living, hospitality, sports & recreation, office, healthcare and more.

By collaborating with Gearbox, Rabren has been able to develop a mark-up tool for contractor and project coordination. This platform includes the ability to add various shapes, text, and attachments, as well as use a pen tool for custom markings and a measuring tool which allows for both linear measurement and area measurement of polygons. Links can be created which allow the viewing of various attachments including additional documentation, photos, and useful internal items. Roles for each contractor (e.g. plumber, mason, landscaping, etc.) were also created which feature default colors for each role that can be filtered so each specific contractor only has to view markups relevant to the work that team is completing.

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Why it's Great
  • Saves money and time with on-the-fly access to documentation in the field
  • Enhanced partner experience by providing a tool where specialty trades can more easily identify their specific tasks
  • Increased productivity and revenue
  • Fewer missed issues, allowing for faster response times

Masterpiece, Intl. is a leading logistics organization for the fine art industry. Gearbox built a full-scale custom logistics and project management solution to manage all the data involved in shipping fine art, including advanced financial reporting.

Masterpiece was struggling to forecast and project revenue. Their process involves complicated estimates and projects that have long durations. We created a solution that gives high-level dashboard access to projections vs actuals. They can now their conversion rates and better forecast revenue and resource availability.

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Why it's Great
  • Allows the executive team to better forecast revenue in real-time
  • Greatly improved forecasting and management capabilities
  • Eliminates countless hours of meetings to calculate projections for the board of directors

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We look forward to hearing your thoughts and hopefully joining you as friends and partners to build something GUCA can be truly proud to showcase to your member organizations and make your association more united and efficient!