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Jul 30 2015


Column Selection in FileMaker 14

by Michael Layne |

First off, kudos to FileMaker for releasing one the best updates to the platform I can recall. The Script Workspace is practically in the present in terms of some features.

I spend most of my time in Sublime, so I know what a modern editor looks like. While updating some parameters for a script in FileMaker 14, I accidentally held down the 'option' key to select a column of text (watch the video). After the expected result, I realized I was not in Sublime!

Did you know?

Perhaps many folks know of this feature or ability. Perhaps it's available at the OS level. I haven't taken the time to investigate, but I decided to take the time to write this up in case you were unaware you could do this. I promise it can come in handy.

Happy coding.