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Jul 31 2016

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A FileMaker DevCon to Remember

by Michael Layne |

2016 is a special year for Gearbox.

DevCon Keynote

Andy LeCates, Director of Sales and Solutions Consulting at FileMaker, Inc. demos a mobile app designed and developed by Gearbox for a medical ship in the South Pacific.

The story began in June of 2015 when Gearbox founder and CEO Marty Thomasson spent two weeks with his family volunteering their time in Papua New Guinea on a YWAM medical ship.

Problem Identified, Problem Solved.

Marty took a look around and saw teams working hard to meet the needs of the community, but also saw there had to be a better way. Medical staff interviews were conducted, whiteboards got covered in work-flow diagrams, laptops were fired up, and Marty began building a mobile solution on the FileMaker platform for iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Mac, as well as servers in the cloud that is now in full swing.