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Jul 31 2016

A FileMaker DevCon to Remember

by Michael Layne

2016 is a special year for Gearbox. Andy LeCates, Director of Sales and Solutions Consulting at FileMaker, Inc. demos a mobile app designed and developed by Gearbox for a medical ship in the South Pacific. The story began in June of 2015 when Gearbox founder and CEO Marty Thomasson spent two...
Nov 12 2015

A Smart Way to Export Field Contents - Part 2

by Michael Layne

We love Selector ConnectorSince the initial news of this new technique from Todd Geist and Jason Young's smashing session at DevCon this year, we've been incorporating it into most of our solutions. If you haven't seen Part 1 discussing how we improved the ability to download files from container fields with...
Nov 11 2015

A Smart Way to Export Field Contents - Part 1

by Michael Layne

A little collaboration is always a good thing (and it's nice to work with smart people)... The ProblemAs a FileMaker developer (citizen or otherwise), have you ever had a need to export from multiple container fields within a system? We wanted to be able to export files from disparate container...
Jul 30 2015

Column Selection in FileMaker 14

by Michael Layne

First off, kudos to FileMaker for releasing one the best updates to the platform I can recall. The Script Workspace is practically in the present in terms of some features. I spend most of my time in Sublime, so I know what a modern editor looks like. While updating some...
Sep 15 2014

Infinite Virtual Hierarchy Reporting Module

by Rohit Roy

When one our clients wanted a collapsible hierarchy report, I was excited to implement a feature I knew could be done because I had seen it before on the Internet. Collapsing records is not a native feature in FileMaker so some workarounds are required. I had two examples to work...
Jan 15 2013

Evolution of a FileMaker Layout

by Michael Layne

Here's a quick view of the progress over the years of a solution that has been around since FileMaker 4. I didn't get introduced to it until the Spring of 2006, but the relationship still continues. Under the Hood We've tried to maintain a balance between UI updates and improvements in the...

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